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No nonsense old fashioned approach to lending. My clients get the service they deserve.

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Executive Mortgage Banker
NMLS MLO ID #49496
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Michael Hudson
Executive Mortgage Banker
NMLS MLO ID #49496

1550 Falmouth Rd – Suite 14
Centerville, MA 02632
Phone: (508) 367-5669

Covenant Mortgage is committed to your future by combining competitive rates, diverse mortgage products and the highest level of integrity and professionalism that can be found in the mortgage banking industry.

imageLife is short. Most big opportunities are far and few between so it is vital to make the right decisions when they come along. Aside from family, the most important asset in life is your home.

With over 10 years of consumer lending experience, my goal is to help people achieve financial stability and comfort with a mortgage that’s right for their present as well as the future while truly having fun in the process. Yes, it really can be fun!

Helping people buy the home of their dreams or saving $ by refinancing is challenging, fun and rewarding.

With a no nonsense old fashioned approach to lending, my clients get the service they deserve and the confidence moving forward that they made the right choice on one of life’s biggest opportunities.

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Executive Mortgage Banker
NMLS MLO ID #49496:

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Phone: (508) 367-5669

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